By enrolling in our courses, you acknowledge and agree to abide by all the terms and conditions outlined below. These terms are designed to create a positive and effective learning experience for all participants:

Please do not enroll to courses if you cannot complete the course within the prescribed validity period
Our courses are exclusively designed for home-bakers, professional bakers and bakery enthusiasts who are striving to set up a successful home bakery
The recipes acquired through our courses are intended for use for your personal and professional baking purposes only. Sharing it publicly, using it to conduct classes to your followers and/or reselling the courses shall result in immediate legal consequences
Bloggers, Content Creators who share similar recipes on their platforms are discouraged from participating, if you still choose to enroll, you agree not to replicate our recipes, teaching methods, any part of the course content and non-adherence will lead to legal consequences
Bakery instructors should avoid enrolling, if found it will result in immediate expulsion from the class without any refund and prior notice.
Reselling any form of the course content in-part or in-full is against the copyright protection law and participants who are found reselling the course as described above will be subject to legal consequences and will be permanently banned from the website

We do not entertain requests for course adjustments or refunds. It's strongly recommended to address any concerns before making your purchase
After purchasing a course, we cannot accommodate requests for refunds or alterations. Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our course's prices at any time without further notice

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