Understanding the Egg

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Understanding the Egg Everyone asks me how to replace eggs from a recipe, the answer is you simply cannot replace eggs and use the recipe as is! Why? To understand this question better, one must understand what an egg is and why is it an essential participant in most bakes! A lot of you asked me to...

Cake Ratio & Baking Loss

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Cake Ratio & Baking Loss When I started baking three years ago, I did not know how much cake to bake for one kg order! I would take my favourite recipe, divide the recipe according to the servings, bake the cake & frost! Most of the times my cake would be overweight, I would be happy, sometimes the...

All about Whipping Cream

access_time 2022-01-08T14:25:27.538Z face Jeyadra Vijayselvan
All about Whipping Cream When I started baking 3 years ago, frosting was one of the scariest things! There was no one to teach me what cream to use, how to use it, or anything about. Frosting to many is still a frightening story, because we don't take an effort to read, explore & understand! Whippi...

Understanding Sugar Temperatures

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Understanding Sugar Temperatures I have been wanting to write this post since Chrismtas but something or the other made the delay. Sugar is something that all of us work with every day than anything else, so as a baker it’s very important to understand the numbers that play with sugar. This is not ...

Everything about Meringue

access_time 2021-12-25T12:04:40.308Z face Jeyadra Vijayselvan
Everything about Meringue A meringue is whipped egg whites with sugar, used in many bakes and sweet confections like Macarons, Meringue Kisses, Chiffon Cakes, Angel Food Cake and more. There are different ways of making a meringue and based the method its called as French, Italian and Swiss. Here a...
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