No-Bake Chilled Dessert Cakes Online Course cover

No-Bake Chilled Dessert Cakes Online Course

Instructor: Jeyadra Vijayselvan

Language: English

Validity Period: 20 days

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No-Bake Chilled Dessert cakes Online Course
Class duration: 3hrs 48mins

🥭“Mango Chilled Cheesecake with Mango Jelly & Mango Charlotte Cake Recipes" Are Demonstrated In The Video And Included In The PDF🥭

🍀 100% Vegetarian 🍀

💥 Learn some of the most rich, luscious, creamy cold set desserts and dessert cakes that can be consumed & sold year-round 💥

No Eggs | No Gelatine | No Artificial Colours

What Will You Learn? 
Some of the most amazing recipes for 
✅ Chilled Cheesecakes ✅ Mousses ✅ Charlottes 
✅ Beat Techniques to create smooth creamy Mousse, Silky Cheesecake and Decadent Charlotte
✅ Best Ever Chocolate Mousses with Dark, Milk and White Chocolate
✅ Techniques to Make The Silkiest, The Creamiest And Melt-In-Mouth Mousses with Intense Chocolate Flavour
✅ Understanding the Difference Between Baked and Chilled Cheesecake
✅ Methods to Make Creamiest Silky-Smooth Cheesecake
✅ Immense Knowledge on Cheesecakes
✅ Step-by-Step Demonstration of Making Charlotte Cake
✅ Multiple Flavour Variations for Charlotte Cake
✅ Gain Knowledge on Creating Single Serving Desserts
Flavour Compositions
✅ Eggless White Chocolate Mousse 
✅ Eggless Milk Chocolate Mousse 
✅ Eggless Dark Chocolate Mousse 
✅ Best Ever Eggless Triple Chocolate Mousse 
✅ Eggless Mango Chilled Cheesecake 
✅ Eggless Chilled Cheesecake Base & Mango Jelly
✅ Eggless Mango Charlotte Cake
Recipe Variations in PDF
✅ Eggless Black Forest Mousse Cake
✅ Eggless Ferrero Rocher Mousse Cake
✅ Eggless Vanilla & Raspberry Mousse Cake
✅ Eggless Lemon & Blueberry Mousse Cake
✅ Eggless Vanilla Bean Chilled Cheese Cake
✅ Eggless Mango Passion Fruit Chilled Cheese Cake
✅ Eggless Oreo Crumble Chilled Cheese Cake
✅ Eggless Nutella Hazelnut Chilled Cheese Cake
✅ Eggless Strawberry & Lemon Charlotte Cake
✅ Eggless Classic Tiramisu Cake
✅ Eggless Lotus Biscoff Charlotte Cake

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Validity & Access: 20 Days
Upon enrolment, you can access the class by visiting MY COURSES in the website. Recipe PDF & Video recording can be accessed immediately after the purchase from the website

You will have 20 days of access to the recording of the LIVE SESSION and recipe PDF.
Participants are expected to ensure course completion within the specified validity period, as we do NOT have any provision for validity extensions.
Participants are expected to download Recipe PDFs before the specified validity period expires.
We strongly recommend that participants maintain secure copies of their PDFs, including storing a copy in the cloud. Please be aware that we do not provide email support for PDF retrieval in cases of device failure or loss.
Requests for failed or missed PDFs may take up to 7-10 days to process.

You will have 20 days of academic support via the dedicated email, with email responses typically within 24 to 48 hours.
To receive optimal support, we encourage you to share work-in-progress pictures/videos and describe your issue in detail. Please note that without pictures and details, you can expect very limited support.

Terms and conditions:
Prior to enrolling, we request that you review the terms and conditions in the following link in their entirety:


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