Chunky Centre-filled Cookies Online Course cover

Chunky Centre-filled Cookies Online Course

Instructor: Jeyadra Vijayselvan

Language: English

Validity Period: 3 days

₹999.00 excluding 18% GST

Chunky Centre-filled Cookies Online Course
Class duration: 2hrs 30mins

🍀 100% Vegetarian 🍀

⚡️Learn to make these ultimate chunky big boy eggless centre filled café style cookies that ooze out bombs of fillings⚡️ 

No Eggs | No Curd | No Condensed Milk | No Flax Egg | No Expensive Egg Replacements

Suitable For ✅ Weekend Sale ✅ Bake Sale ✅ Fillers In Any Hamper

⚡️With Upgraded Recipes 
⚡️With Upgraded Techniques
⚡️With Upgraded Content
⚡️Additional Variations

Course Content
✅ Chunky Centre Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies
✅ Chunky Centre Filled Death by Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies
✅ Chunky Centre Filled Red Velvet Cookies
✅ Chunky Centre Filled Pistachio Cookies
✅ Chunky Fruit and Nut Centre Filled Cookies
✅ Classic New York Style Chunky Cookies
✅ Classic Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Validity & Access: 3 Days 
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