Everyday Breads Masterclass cover

Everyday Breads Masterclass

Instructor: Jeyadra Vijayselvan

Language: English

Validity Period: 20 days

₹2966.00 excluding 18% GST

Everyday Breads Masterclass: Pre-Recorded Session
Class duration: 6hrs 4min

🍀100% Vegetarian🍀

No eggs | Yeasted Recipes | Wheat Based | No Chemicals | No Bread Improver | No Chemical Bread Conditioners

💥 Class will use Wheat Flour & Refined Wheat Flour 
💥 No artificial chemicals or colours 
🪴 Natural Ingredients only 

✅ Make high quality bread consistently  
✅ Learn technical, theoretical and tactical skills of bread production 
✅ You will learn free hand kneading techniques, without having to use any tools 
✅ As a bonus, I will also teach you how to use Stand Mixer 
✅ You will gain detailed knowledge on Ingredients, their functions & Techniques
✅ Understand role of the ingredients used in bread production 
✅ Understanding the factors that affect Bread
✅ Understanding all phases of Bread Making, Mixing through Baking 

Course Content:
🌾Wheat Bread 
🌾Wheat Brown Bread 
🌾Garlic Green Bread 
🌾Red & Cheese Bread
🌾Seeded Grain Bread
More Recipes in PDF:
🌾Multi-Grain Bread 
🌾Oats & Seeds Bread
🌾White Bread/Milk Bread 
💥Please ensure to go through the below link carefully before proceeding with the purchase.

Validity & Access: 20 Days 
To know more about this class with respect to validity, after-class support and downloadables:  https://www.jeyadra.com/s/pages/validity-20-rec

Terms and conditions:
Prior to enrolling, we request that you review the terms and conditions in the following link in their entirety:

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